Home Maid Service.

At Andrew’s Cleaning Services we don’t just clean, but we can help you with aspects of your life with our home maid service.

Our friendly and caring staff can help you by:

Bed Changing

Mattresses are heavy, let us take the strain and help you with our home maid service.

At Andrew’s Cleaning Services we understand that mattresses are heavy and that for people who may be infirm, elderly or have a disability the job of turning and changing mattresses can become more demanding.  Not to mention how difficult it can be change the sheets and plump the pillows.

Let us take the strain, contact us today so that we can help you out.  Everybody loves sleeping in a nice, clean and comfortable bed, there’s no greater feeling…



Cooking and Meal Preparation.

Everybody loves good food and good nutrition, let us help you with our Home Maid Service

Everybody loves great tasting food but due to infirmity, illness or other health conditions may not have the energy or the ability to cook their own food from scratch.

At Andrew’s Cleaning Services our staff are properly qualified in FOOD SAFETY & HYGIENE with (LEVEL 2 ) CERTIFICATES.

We can help you by cooking for you at your home.

We love to help where we can, contact us now to find out more about our Home Maid Service.





We love ironing at Andrew’s Cleaning Services.

Nobody likes ironing, when people talk about ‘domestic drudgery,’ they really mean ironing!  Thankfully we love it and will happily press and iron your clothes so that you can live a crease free life and look your best at all times.

Contact us for more details now!




Laundry, Washing, Drying, Airing!

Laundry can be hard work, thankfully we love working hard at Andrews Cleaning Services.

Laundry is hard work, washing, drying, airing and ironing.  It’s also a time consuming and difficult task if you are not at your best.  It can easily mount up when you are unwell or infirm which could leave you with limited clothing choices and not looking your best.

Thankfully we can help, our happy, caring and attentive staff will be delighted to help you out and do the laundry for you.  Contact us now to find out more.






Andrew’s Cleaning Services can help you out with all of your shopping needs.

Everybody likes shopping for their own food, groceries and other items like toiletries or clothing.  However if you are infirm, not very well or have mobility issues then shopping can be a very difficult, stressful and demanding task that might fill you with dread.

Thankfully we can help, our staff are more than happy to help you with your shopping needs and will happily shop for you, saving you the ordeal of doing it yourself or having to order food, toiletries and other items online which whilst useful won’t always be of satisfactory quality.

Get in touch now for details of our Home Maid Service here.

Testimonials from our customers

Cathy Mugford – Viewpoint Construction

"We have used Andrews Cleaning Service for the past year. A trustworthy, professional company who are a key holder to our premises as we require cleaning out of hours – they were happy to fit in with our needs. They provide a great service and we would recommend them"

Mrs M Williams Clase

“Andrews Cleaning Services are a trustworthy reliable company who we trust with our house keys to open and secure our office when cleaning. We would recommend Andrews Cleaning Services."

Tom Cox – Manager – Longdin & Browning

“We would like to say that the cleaning undertaken is done to a very high standard. Andrews Cleaning Services is entrusted as a Key Holder for the building which will entail the deactivating and activating of the alarm system. I have full confidence and trust in their staff.”